Shape Your City, Crush Your Rivals, and Reign Supreme!


Silver Coins

In-Game Only

Repair damaged Buildings

Build almost every Building

Usable in the Coin Converter to obtain the Premium Currency "Bills"

Red Chips

In-Game Only

Used for Tech Tree Upgrades

Usable in the Chips Converter to obtain the Premium Currency "Gold Chips"

Dollar Bills


Obtained via Coin Converter

Pay to speed Up

PvP Currency

More Social Slots in the Upgrade Center

Gold Chips


Obtained via Chips Converter

Social Slot Machine Spins

Single Unit Upgrades

An array of diverse and purposeful buildings await you, forming the backbone of your thriving casino empire as you strategize, develop, and expand your city to outshine the competition.

Expand Your City

Unleash your Fighters, obtained through thrilling Casino play, to create a formidable army capable of dominating your opponents and securing your reign in the cutthroat world of Spin Tycoon. 

Build An Army

Master the art of strategy in Spin Tycoon, leveraging the expansive skill tree to unlock powerful abilities, optimize your resources, and carve a path to victory in this captivating casino empire-building adventure.

Find Your Strategy

Power Play

Dive into adrenaline-pumping PVP action in Spin Tycoon, where fierce battles and cunning tactics will determine your dominance in the ruthless casino world and elevate you to the pinnacle of success. 


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Embark in Spin Tycoon's captivating casinos, where thrilling spins, diverse social slot games, and the chance to unlock powerful troops await, propelling you towards fortune, glory, and unrivaled dominance in the gaming realm. 

The Social Slot Machine Saga

Master The Economy

Clever maneuvers can make or break your casino empire. Harness the power of Gold Chips, Red Chips, Silver Coins, and Bills to fuel your conquest and outwit your rivals on your path to becoming the ultimate tycoon!

Wanted Wilds

Saddle up for the Wanted Wilds Casino, a heart-pounding social slot game set in the Wild West. Round up an army of fearless gunslingers and rugged outlaws, as you spin your way through dusty trails and action-packed showdowns, dominating the frontier in Spin Tycoon!  

Jungle Treasure

Step into the Jungle Treasure Casino, a thrilling social slot game filled with hidden riches. Here, you'll recruit unique jungle fighters to strengthen your army, as you conquer the wild and reign supreme in the vibrant world of Spin Tycoon!

Thrill Non-Stop!

Many more Casinos are waiting to be unlocked over time in Spin Tycoon. Each will bring its own unique setting, characters, and surprises. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures and opportunities to build an even mightier army!